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Cloud Email Archiving

Archive and eDiscovery immutable emails & IM messages for up to 10 years retention

Cloud Email Archiving
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Cloud Email Archiving

Keep corporate email archived, accessible, manageable, and compliant

Maintaining email archives for meeting legal retention, discovery, and compliance requirements becomes more difficult every year. By 2021, the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received each day is expected to reach almost 320 billion. The amount of sensitive information sent through email is accelerating as is the number of damaging data loss events. With growing volumes of confidential emails, email hacks, and changing compliance requirements, such as the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), email archiving capabilities must keep pace.

Spamina Cloud Email Archiving is an enterprise-scale, cloud-delivered solution that gives you a powerful tool for email retention, legal discovery, and search. You can copy, index, and time-stamp email at the gateway—before incoming mail is forwarded to mailboxes and before outgoing mail is sent to the Internet for delivery. An edge-centered architecture helps ensure that messages cannot be lost or altered between arriving in a user’s mailbox and being archived.

Both system administrators and users can search for archived emails from Outlook, the web, or their mobile devices. Fast, anywhere-anytime search accelerates discovery without having to involve your IT staff. A single platform for your complete archive—Spamina elevates email archiving power and manageability.


Maximize data integrity

  • Capture all email at network edge to prevent potential deletion or tampering
  • Maintain data immutability for an unlimited time period
  • Place legal holds on mailboxes without disrupting operations or generating unnecessary alerts

Increase agility

  • Gain anytime, anywhere access with cloud delivery
  • Maintain a single, consistent archive for all incoming and outgoing email messages
  • Increase archive capacity on demand
  • Change retention and archiving policies as needed while retaining legacy emails

Accelerate legal discovery and simplify compliance

  • Perform complex, detailed searches in seconds
  • Expand instant search and recovery across the entire email archive
  • Save time with built-in support for audit and compliance activities

Enhance staff productivity

  • Simplify management with a single, web-based console
  • Place archived emails, audit logs, and end users’ email at staff fingertips
  • Access archive from web, Outlook, or mobile device interfaces
  • Automatically record and audit log-ins, searches, data views, and exports

Gain reliable retention

Enable transparent legal hold

Achieve high-performance search

Support compliance initiatives

Manage archives easily from anywhere

Gain in-depth reporting

Effectively control archiving costs

Extend the benefits


Cloud Email Archiving

Trafic report by user (“Top” senders and recipients) New!!

CEA customers have the opportunity to create and download a new report (CSV) that summarize the archived activity per user. Report includes information such us: total number of emails sent and received, volume by kilobytes, ranking of emails sent to Top 10 recipients (ie, the most exchanged messages between users).

These reports are managed by administrators, who can set up automatically report from a daily or weekly basis.

Audit & Legal Compliance

Keep corporate email protected and immutable for potential legal proceedings or for internal monitoring purposes.

Cloud Email Archiving provides businesses with an exhaustive tool for auditing and regulatory compliance. With a hierarchical role-based access level, the Cloud Email Archiving system management provides administrators and auditors with access to activity logs while ensuring email immutability. The email archiving is also necessary in order to comply with regulations such as PCI, DSS, HIPAA, FINRA or the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data amongst others.



  • Single web-based administration portal
  • Secure login for users and administrators
  • IMAP configuration for domain and company
  • Audit log for administrator access and activity
  • Report on activities and actions of users in the archive at the system level. Log-in, searches, data views or changes, exports and more are recorded and auditable
  • Only authorized users can access, search and manage archived information, with granular, role-based access and controls

Administrator and user Consoles

Fast and effective user searches

Administrator Console: Spamina offers a unified console to enable administrators to globally monitor archived email, facilitating control over different domains, the ability to run audits and to have instant visibility over end user’s email. The administrator can display a segmented or a full email repository image and can track any company’s email by accessing the global archiving.

User Console: Users require fast and easy access to their email whether recent or past. Cloud Email Archiving provides users with an intuitive console that enables advanced search with multiple email history options.


Email unlimited storage space

Keeping pace with the data growth is one of the main concerns for IT organizations, both in terms of storage capacity and data protection. The Cloud Email Archiving solution reduces storage problems on the mail server client providing unlimited storage. With the peace of mind of knowing that the storage needs can grow as much as your company without investment spending.

Easy to use with instant results

Cloud Email Arching features an intuitive search interface, archiving policies configuration and email traffic reporting. Cloud Email Archiving has been designed to fulfil real time, immediate response search for the entire organization.

CEA also enables attachment content indexing and email export to most common standard formats.

Plug-In for Outlook

The Cloud Email Archiving users can access their email archiving panel directly from the Outlook interface via the plug-in developed for the 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions.


Personalization with the corporate image

Corporate branding customization Spamina services are completely customizable thanks to the "white label" option that enables the alignment of the user interface with the corporate image of the company.

You can change colours, include logos and adapt all Spamina’s environment to your corporate brand.

Optional integration with Firewall and Encryption solutions

Cloud Email Archiving can be integrated with Cloud Email Firewall and Encryption & DLP modules. The Cloud Email Firewall solution protects and filters outbound and inbound email from spam and malware. Our solution Cloud Email Encryption & DLP enables organizations to encrypt and therefore to ensure email confidentiality. Users can access encrypted email from any device and the advanced DLP module will prevent them from incurring in data leakage.

Guides and manuals

Cloud Email Archiving
Guides and manuals




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Cloud Email Archiving
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