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Parla Secure Cloud Email

Secure corporate email, instant messaging and collaboration within a safe environment. Anywhere, from any device

Parla - Secure Cloud Email
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Parla - Secure Cloud Email

Corporate email, instant messaging and collaboration within a safe environment. Anywhere, from any device.

Companies are expanding the way employees, customers and partners communicate with each other. The information they hold increases every day as well as the need to ensure that the data is safe and always available via any device.

Parla is an enterprise email platform in the cloud with integrated security layers. Spamina is a European-based security company and as such is subject to the most demanding EU regulations in terms of data protection and is committed to ensuring the highest security standards for digital safeguard.

Suitable for SMBs as well as for large enterprises and organizations, Parla provides users with:

  • Email with up to 30Gb storage capacity and with integrated security
  • Encrypted Enterprise Instant Messaging
  • Calendars, contacts, tasks and file sharing
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Synchronization with all mobile devices
  • Filtering and multilayer security integrated
  • Encryption & Archiving modules for data privacy and email retention

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Parla - Secure Cloud Email

Policy-based access control New!

Parla customers now enable access based on company-defined policies. For instance, a customer may decide to forbid POP3 for all users, but allow it for certain users as long as they connect from a specific range of IP addresses. Access policies are defined in terms of user groups, where a group is a list of email addresses belonging to the company or a domain. Policies may allow or disallow access per protocol: IMAP, POP, SMTP (for outbound traffic), HTTPS/ActiveSync, and HTTPS/Webmail). Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

Parla, secure email in the cloud with up to 30 Gb inbox storage capacity

PARLA provides with a cloud-based enterprise email platform with up to 30 Gb storage capacity. PARLA can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with data connection; whether in the office, in a meeting or when traveling your email is always available.

The Webmail platform enables, from any computer or mobile device, to manage your email, direct connection to calendar, manage documents, tasks, the possibility of sharing and accessing different users mailboxes and now also ParlaMI, safe instant messaging with secure point to point connection.

Email is accessible to local clients such as Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016); from any iOS, Android and Windows Phone device; and via any browser.

Parla is available for 2Gb, 10Gb and 30Gb versions; Freemium version for accounts below 50 mailboxes.


Integrated Security Layer: inbound and outbound email filter. Phishing, antivirus and antimalware protection

Cloud Email Firewall

PARLA integrates Spamina’s Cloud Email Firewall technology that enables identifying spam patterns in real time and blocking its entry while the malware is stopped at Spamina’s cloud. The company’s mail server is relieved from the filtering process burden as the corporate network receives only clean email. Spam is kept in quarantine for up to 28 days in our data centres. Spamina’s filtering is designed to detect spam, phishing, malware and viruses in real time with the use of patterns and advanced classifications techniques all of which are processed in our datacentres. Cloud Email Firewall incorporates Simile Fingerprint Filter®: a new outbound, signature-based email filter that ultimately differentiates and separates automatic bulk mailing from the legit corporate email which is efficiently delivered. Users can define filtering policies and manage white and black lists from their own email interface.

Cloud Email Firewall enables reception of mailing lists, notifications and pending validation email. Each of them are then classified within specific folders.


Collaboration Environment: Share calendars, contacts, notes, tasks and files within the organization

Parla integrates calendars, contacts, notes and tasks services in its platform. You can access all this information from your computer or mobile device anytime, since the information is synchronized with all devices in order to always have the data fully updated.

Stay organized and up to date with the calendar, receive reminders of events, have a quick and simple view of your meetings with our easy to use interface. The agendas can be shared and accessed by predefined users within the company. This way you can check the free / busy status of users.

Easily manage your contacts, share the address book with other users, and export/import contacts.

Attach files or documents to your event and you will have the right material when your meeting begins. Also easily invite other members to future meetings.


Document sharing: information always up to date

The integrated Parla document manager eliminates the need for separate document management tools and streamlines the process of sharing files via email reducing the use of the corporate network and saving bandwidth.

With the file manager you can share folders between users and upload multiple files of any type with a single click from the desktop. The file manager will identify each file type and automatically will provide an icon associated with the respective file.

Users will receive a file sharing notification as soon as they receive a new file.

ParlaMI, Enterprise Instant Messaging Service

ParlaMI instant messaging

Parla users have a new corporate instant messaging services integrated with the email, ParlaMI, which enables real-time conversations with secure point to point connection between individual Parla users or groups.

The ParlaMI chat is encrypted, filtering layers can optionally be added for extra security as well as an archiving module for monitoring or internal company use.

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Encryption and DLP Integration: Ensure email protection in one click

SPAMINA provides with a proprietary encryption service that ensures email confidentiality and prevents data leakage.

When an encrypted email is sent the receiver gets a message pointing him to the Parla Encryption Portal where the email can be read. From this platform the recipient can keep on answering and exchanging encrypted email messages ensuring the safety of the conversation.

More information about Cloud Email Encryption & DLP


New Plug-In for Outlook New!!

Simplification of the initial configuration of an email account. Now it´s not necessary to configurated manually anymore, now these will synchronize automatically.

Progress in the interface of interaction with Cloud Email Archiving and the speed of access.

Whole change of the look-and-feel of ParlaMI, looking forward to make it more friendly, take the most of the available and do more visible the events ( new messages, inclusión in the rooms, contact request,etc)


New ATP Solution: Effective Protection Against Emerging and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) New!!

Spamina offers a new generation Sandboxing 2.0 technology that provides deep content inspection and full system emulation (FUSE) technology to analyse files and suspicious urls in real time.

New mailbox restauration tool for email, contacts, calendars, notes and tasks.

Secondary email address required for autentication in Parla Mailbox.

  Parla Freemium Parla 2 Parla 10 Parla 30
Mailbox Size 1 GB 2 GB 10 GB 30 GB
Address book YES YES YES YES
Mobile & Tablet Sync (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile) YES YES YES YES
Outbound Email Filter Management NO YES YES YES
File Manager NO YES YES YES
Outlook Plugin NO NO YES YES
Basic Email Filter YES NO NO NO
ParlaMI: Corporate Instant Messenger NO YES YES YES
Cloud Email Firewall (Antiphising, Antispam, Antimalware) NO YES YES YES
Cloud Email Archiving (Optional) NO YES YES YES
Cloud Email Encryption & DLP (Optional) NO YES YES YES

Guides and manuals

Parla - Secure Cloud Email
Guides and manuals


Quick installation GuideRequest

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Android GuideRequest

Iphone GuideRequest

Windows Mobile GuideRequest

Outlook add-in Installation GuideRequest

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Parla - Secure Cloud Email
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ParlaMI - Enterprise Instant Messaging

Now, secure and confidential chat conversations from any device with the NEW application ParlaMI for iOS & Android devices.

ParlaMI instant messaging

Parla users have a new corporate instant messaging service integrated with the email, ParlaMI, which enable real-time conversations with secure point to point connection between individual Parla users or groups.

ParlaMI is an instant messaging tool that enables organizations to optimize, facilitate and monitor employees and interdepartmental communications. It also provides the peace of mind that comes with encrypted point to point conversations.

When a Parla user starts a session, a tab automatically pops up in his screen advising to access the chat service without needing to close the application email.

Now available in stand-alone mode. Possibility to register for free to use mobile applications and to communicate with ParlaMI paying customers.

  • Designed by and for business use.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Integrated in Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007), Parla web and mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Push notifications.
  • Create multi-user chat rooms.
  • Block the chat rooms with password.
  • File sending from the Outlook add-in.

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