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Why Spamina?

Our strategic vision and strong technology is securing digital communications have been recognised by Gartner's analysts for the Cool Vendor 2016 report

Why Spamina?
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Why Spamina?

Spamina develops and provides corporations with flexible and Secure Digital Communications.

Managing and mitigating cyber-crime related risk is critical. Spamina’s solutions enable IT functions to protect their businesses without creating inertia or introducing excessive deployment or operational costs.

The threat landscape evolves continuously as instant messaging use increases the need to protect this communication channel becomes ever more important. Spamina enables protection and management of your email & instant messaging from the cloud.

Cost-effective: by eliminating the need of deploying traditional on-premise infrastructure, important costs associated with investment and maintenance are saved.

A system failure, maintenance or just a simple upgrade can disconnect your local email server and make non-operational your network. Our cloud will prevent any productivity hindrance by queuing email up.

Spamina ensures business continuity, scalability of the service and its manageability from an integrated console at all levels: end user, IT administrator and partner.

The new secure platform:

Manage, protect and monitor email & instant messaging from one single platform

Unify your communication tools. From one single point the email, instant messaging, gateway security, calendar & collaboration, mobile policies enforcement, data loss & legal compliance tools can be handled avoiding application’s overlapping and screen switch-over. Anywhere, from any device. Spamina’s cloud email services provide seamless integration with other email services such as Microsoft Office 365™ or Google Apps for Work™, strengthening them with an extra security layer.

Protect your network against advanced threats. Technologies such as Simile Fingerprint Filter® are the perfect deterrent for the kind of malicious code aiming to snatch your digital assets and make money out of it.

Prevent loss of sensitive information. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, both personal and business digital property can get out of the hands of your network users. Encrypt your digital assets. In an easy, effortless way the content of your email and IM communications get encoded. Not only this critical information will be then accessed by authorized parties, your company will comply with regulations and will not see its reputation compromised.

Archive email & IM messages for up to 10 years retention. Once you have deployed the archiving tool, your company is already compliant. Emails can eventually be used in a formal proceeding since now they have become immutable. Furthermore, with the same action you have also sorted your company storage issues: archiving enables virtually unlimited storage capacity.

Minimize Spam. Helps you dramatically to reduce the spam levels of your employee’s mailboxes. Empower your employees by making them more autonomous. It gives the tools for them to manage the white and blacklisting options. With or without the IT administrator’s intervention, but always under its supervision.

“Advanced filtering technologies: with Simile Fingerprint Filter® property technology, on a daily basis billions of emails are analysed in our data centres so that spam patterns can be identified. Based on its content email is then fingerprinted for classification and scrutinized in order to search & detect recurrence. Emails that share the same fingerprint while originating from different sources are considered an anomaly, thus reported to our central servers. This spam detection technique differentiates and separates automatic bulk mailing from the legitimate corporate email. Several layers of AV default filters are implemented on top and some other can be also optionally added. This process enables detecting in real time spam, phishing, malware and the most APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats).”

Concerns over jurisdiction and confidentiality. In a survey recently conducted by Gartner amongst executives belonging to worldwide organizations (Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit Presentation), the following question was raised: “European companies should be wary of using US owned cloud services because of potential US government access to the data?” More than 85% of them answered affirmatively.

Spamina complies with the most demanding European Union legislation in terms of data protection, helping your company to maintain the highest security standards in today’s Digital Transformation.

Your organisation is not safe if your Digital Communications are not secure.

Spamina offers free evaluations of 30 days with no obligation, you can evaluate our solutions easily and in a simple way, request your free evaluation and verify the effectiveness and usability of our products.